Professional Series

Contract Management

Increase understanding of most frequently used construction contracts in New Zealand, NZS3910, NZS3915, NZS3916.

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Corporate Training

Training is one of the most effective things a company can do to increase productivity

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Governance and the Management of Portfolios and Programmes

Enhance the success rate for projects/programs and the wider portfolio within your organisation

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Project Governance

Using real examples and lessons, attendees will walk away from this course with an awareness of why Governance is critical to project success.

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Organisational Change Management

Hard and soft skills required to lead and manage organisational change and support the people and organisation through the change process.

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Agile Leadership

Skills and behaviours to lead Agile teams and be successful in an Agile environment

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Transition to Agile

Learn more about agile project delivery and the skills and techniques required to transition towards Agile methods

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Project Management Techniques

Familiarise yourself with project management knowledge and skills that can be used for any project.

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